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The Cottage Seven Education model has proven success in identifying deficiencies preventing negatively influential pupils from making progress in their learning. We are a full service company specialising in the design and implementation of learning behaviour programmes specifically for high profile pupils at risk of being removed from your school site for alternative provision or permanent exclusion.



Cottage 7 Education professionals are experienced and successful school leaders with success in creating positive school culture and eliminating the need for fixed term exclusions, managed moves and off-site provision.


We offer 3 individual programmes or a combination of all 3 for a comprehensive

school-wide behaviour support system:

Programme 1:

Current system and operational assessment

  • Customised 120 point quantitive assessment tool
  • Targeted qualitative assessment
  • Data driven report with recommendations for improving efficiency through systems, individualised staff training and coaching


Programme 2:

Bespoke Staff Development

  • Leadership of exclusion elimination programme(s)
  • Staff identified from existing school data
  • Weekly checks and coaching from Cottage 7


Programme 3:

School within school provision

  • Up to 20 students (from a single key stage)
  • Intensive behavioural and emotional support
  • Robust curriculum
  • Direct instruction, personal development and cohort collaboration are the pillars of our instructional methodology


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