SEL Model: Effective Communication

Cottage Seven’s innovation in Social Emotional learning: Effective communication for disruptive students.

Cottage Seven’s SEL program is easily implemented  in emotional support, alternative or supporting school wide initiatives that focus on the 5 competencies of social emotional learning.  Using a consistent systematic approach that opens the door for staff members and students to develop meaningful relationships through the use of effective communication.  Cottage Seven’s professional development staff have extensive experience implementing this model in a variety of settings.  The goal for the program is as follows:


  • Supporting administrators, teachers and students to effectively communicate before, during and after crisis.
  • Creating a restorative culture
  • Unwritten social contract between students and staff based on mutual respect regardless of circumstances and background
  • Empowering students during crisis by providing them with a non-verbal communicative tool to demonstrate self control before and during crisis
  • Coaching students to emotionally separate themselves from classroom incidents and effectively communicate to adults and other students.



Integration of the 5 Core Competencies:  Supplementary Supports for Emotional Support and Alternative Ed Classrooms


  • Self-Awareness: Using a systematic and restorative process integrated in the way adults handle negative and positive interactions focusing on impact.
  • Self-Management: Implementation of “positive response position” serves as a social contract between students and staff in order to develop non-verbal demonstration of self control.
  • Social Awareness: Proactively using “here and now” instances to invite students to understand  situations and obstacles.
  • Relationship Skills:  Focusing on trust and consistency to develop quality interaction strategies.
  • Responsible Decision-Making:  Implementation of student weekly rating system tied to individual expectation management and PBIS.


There are a variety of ways we can implement the program and it works well with most school-wide behavior support programs currently being implemented.  We focus on providing students and staff with training to develop necessary coping skills to handle adversity.


Please contact for more information on how you district or classroom can benefit from using Cottage Seven’ SEL program Effective Communication for disruptive students.


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