Professional Development

Alternative and Special Education Solutions

Cottage Seven Education has developed their professional education plan for educators through the lens of the modern principal.  The various offerings are designed to train instructors and support staff to create and manage a school culture that is self-sufficient and accountable.  Districts are forced to place traditionally trained administrators in non-traditional settings.  This creates a learning curve that puts the district at risk until the milieu is created.  Cottage Seven Education will eliminate risk and inefficiencies.


Emotional Support Programming

Emotional support programming is another thorn in many districts side.  Cottage Seven Education has developed a management program that will help instructors managing an ES classroom feel included in a network of instructors in similar settings.  This network will be used to troubleshoot, give and receive feedback, and develop professionally.

Program Assessment

Identification of inefficiencies and redundancies within current Alternative or Emotional Support programming

Full-Service action planning for starting or bringing programming back into the district

Elaborate customized 120 point quantitative assessment tool paired with a targeted qualitative assessment of district or private run program

Data-driven individualized School-wide Behavior Support Plan with a student rating system that measures students using their own success as the standard for improvement

Creation of innovative restorative solutions model that serves as an alternative to in and out of school suspension

Professional Development Available

  • Normative  Culture
  • Tension reduction
  • Informal systems training
  • Classroom management
  • De-escalation and crisis management
  • Behavioral intervention training
  • Data driven climate control

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