The Cottage Seven Difference

Cottage Seven strives to improve quality of life for students, staff and the school community by creating an environment that eliminates barriers to student academic and social success, through the creation of a pro-social school culture.

Formerly Edgewood Elementary, Cottage Seven Academy is comprised of 5 classrooms, grades 1-11, with maximum capacity of 12 students per classroom.


Our Program

  • Inclusive Emotional support program for students grades 1 through 11
  • Special Education program for students diagnosed with emotional disturbance
  • Inclusive education program for students requiring intensive behavioral and emotional support elements integrated into their academic day

Classroom features:

  • Direct Instruction
  • Skills development and remediation centers
  • Sensory corners
  • Library
  • Computer desk

Academic Highlights

  • Robust curriculum aligned with PA state standards and approved by PA Department of Education
  • Direct instruction, developmental centers and cohort collaboration are the pillars of our instructional methodology
  • Very experienced instructional staff with an average of 6+ years PA certified experience
  • Targeted instructional plans, individualized to ensure academic advancement


Comprehensive School-Wide Behavior Support System

  • Detailed school-wide behavioral support program that integrates PBIS and provides targeted action plans to improve identified deficiencies
  • Student tracking and weekly rating system that rewards student ownership, successful accountability and leadership opportunity
  • Tiered intervention program designed to deescalate crisis and create a transparent culture
  • All staff are intensively trained in Handle With Care to ensure safety during crisis

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